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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bailout to finance other countries debt

I made a previous entry on this topic, but I felt strongly enough to make it a separate entry.
The government are slick used car salesmen that spin bills for "industry" to be sell able to the public, but it's true purpose is always for a different agenda.

This bailout WILL BE USED to pay off other countries bad loans. See previous blog entry by clicking here.
Why? Since we are a debtor nation, our creditors are blackmailing the USA to "suck" wealth out of this country to help theirs....."or else". Before you click away thinking I have gone off the deep end. check out my previous blog entries on China and other countries by clicking here and here and here and here.
See a pattern? In any event act now to contact your congress to say no.
If you don't we will resolve nothing in the USA, except tie the hands of the government to spend money when it is truely needed in the years to come. If you don't actively oppose the bill you are for the bill.
In any event, if this bill passes, I can't see how a new "great depression" can be avoided, buckle up.
And I am not suggesting to NOTHING, create a bill that addresses the issues! (KD Proposal click)

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