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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trading Signals

The last post, Long Term Trading Signal, described a trading signal that can indicate trend changes in the market to help with long term investing.

The cross has to be material, and the current cross has not yet had enough of a gap to show clearly a trend change.  Click here for updated chart with a start date of a month ago (zoomed in chart).

So for right now, wait and see.

After quite a while of long time of losses, this past week in Gold miners and Oil was refreshing.
Some of the stocks I am playing with.

So I looked at the price of gold to see what is going on.  For perspective see Gold over last 10 years then the recent price range.  Notice the 6 month view that gold seemingly broke out of a range.
The last chart shows US Dollar price range, no trend change yet.

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