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Monday, August 10, 2015

Germany needs to CUT Greece NOW

I am tired of reading the torture the Greeks get to endure under the hand of the European Union, lead by the Germans.
Lets start at the beginning, Greece played some creative paper games with help of Goldman Sachs, allowing Greece to enter the European Union when they should not have been allowed.

So here we have a country that under the European union's own rules was not fiscally sound enough to join.
Fast forward that when 2008 hit, the mask is ripped off and we discover Greece is insolvent.  I can excuse 2009-2010 that Europe did not allow Greece to exit.  There was greater problems that may have required Greece to remain, even if it was not best for their citizens.

So Germany....I mean European Union....demands to be fiscally responsible.  A country that is already under water fiscally, with any math at all cannot pay backs its debts for 50+ years if they play their cards perfect.  Anyone can tell they are bankrupt.  Why should people not alive when the debt was created pay?

Ok, lets run with the fantasy, demand Greece take measures and somehow spark economic growth AND export cash out of the country to pay off creditors.
And...surprise...we have a debacle.

Greece unemployment is at 25%, with young at over 50%.  There are supply shortages and unrest.

So Greece holds a vote, the people VOTE to leave the union and take the economic hit of exiting.
Only to have their own politicians cave and continue economic slavery.

NOW Greece has influx of refugees, and combine that  with Germany demanding 86 billion from a bankrupt nation who needs help, not more blood.

At this point democracy is being ignored. the people want out.  The Politicians don't stand up for the people and the people suffer.  I do not believe in violence, but I am at a loss what it will take to free the people of Greece from slavery and let them...and us move on.

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