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Monday, January 5, 2015

Gold Miners, Break out?

Gold Miners have had a nice run the last couple of weeks.
Of course, I am happy to see finally some gains, however I want to temper this optimism with a larger context.

I do believe gold miners can do well WITHOUT gold appreciating, simply due to cheaper energy.  A flat gold price with cheaper costs will improve stock price.

However, after watching gold miner beat down for last few years, best to wait for indicator of a trend change.

Taking a step back, Gold Miners (GDX) is on the cusp of breaking out of a range.  If it does, it maybe an explosive move.   Buying here at 19.44 you can use as a stop out price of 17.44, risking about 10% for upside gains of potentially much more.  I rise back to price of  $60 3 years ago would be 200% gains.
It is also important to know that USD has risen insanely rapidly since October, and Gold has held its price.  If USD reverses will be interesting to see if Gold rises.

To the charts! Use your own judgement.

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