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Friday, July 4, 2014

Politics and Economics

Politics ENABLES good economic growth.
Economic construct growth is harnessing the people to be productive, that productivity is reflected in economic constructs such as stocks, interest rates, and other forms.

Today on Audible, you can buy for 6 bucks an audible book to learn about the start of this Great Nation.  I haven't listened to this book, but the basics of this nation are the greatest foundation of government in human history in my opinion.  Where we are today is struggling to find this nations path moving forward.

I am a believer of understand the basics is a must to construct a better framework.  Understanding why this nation was constructed the way it was needs to understand two things.

First, the politics of people of all economic classes, belief systems, and personality types.  These often clash violently, and the system needs a way to allow all conflicts to be resolved in a manner that does not result in violent turmoil.  I believe the founding fathers did an outstanding job, one we have drifted from as the rule of law is not respected.  If we don't follow the law, the construct no longer functions.

Second is the tools available to the people at the time.  When solving a problem, people solve with what is possible at that time period.  The best solution in 1000 BC vs 1000 AD, vs 1776 and 2014 are not the same.  I do believe that 1776 the solution was the best possible outcome, but in 2014 the new technologies, global society, and many other factors are putting strain on a system designed in 1776.

So when reading / listening to this book understand the first and think of how today the second could enable a better framework.

If you do not belong to Audible, see this post on how to get two free books, and buy this book on sale for 6 bucks.

NOTE: I added to previous post a must read book:
Outliers: The Story of Success

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