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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crypto currencies backed by anything is not the answer

I published my thoughts on the next money system in post "Ideal form of Money - Power to the people".
Since then, crypto-currencies have become hot items, and a step closer to what I published.  However, it doesn't meet all the ideology I put forth.  But it is a crucial step creating huge investment to evolve the framework to what it will need to be to replace the current system.

This past week Crypto-currencies hit a huge milestone with the US IRS making a ruling on how they are to be treated, as property.  This on the heals of other statements indicating the US government will not impede crypto-currencies.   Crypto-currencies are becoming legitimate with regards to the current system.  As crypto-currencies become interwoven to the current system, a close eye must be kept on a clear separation of the two.

The next currency to replace the current debt-money system must be not be linked to debt, or assets for it to be the liberation of humanity.  Any linking to a central debt/asset class is a mere smoke and mirrors of change, when it will be the same old central control system.

Bill Still created a video on this topic, worth the watch if your interested.

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