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Monday, December 23, 2013

100 Years ago Fed Created, Israel meeting to dismantle the system

The Federal Reserve bank started 100 years ago today.  To read up on how the Federal Reserve Bank, a private institution, came about click here.

I have written already on how I think the next currency should evolve, using private enterprise in post titled Ideal form of Money, Power to the People.  However, getting there does NOT have to be a 'revolution', it can be an 'evolutionary' process.

Israel Monetary Change Movement is making noise about how to overhaul the system.  At the heart is the uneven power in banks to create money and the power of corruption in politics.  I am skeptical that this movement will gain enough momentum to make significant change, but who knows.

Hopefully a debt-free society can emerge for public money.  I have covered before how tricky this is, often this can lead to hyperinflation or currency collapse.

Bill Still covers this event.

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