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Monday, March 18, 2013

Technology and Economics

Good video on economics and technology.
I agree that a company like Flattr needs to go viral and re-engergize the economy.
If we can make micropayments work, I see a booming economy instead of a dying one.
I could see the market soaring much higher from here, if we can simply include the internet generation into making money.

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  1. After reading his book, I had the same response as I do to this video: I want what he's saying to be true, but don't think that it is. Why not? I've done some modeling, just in a simple spreadsheet, after looking at experiments like Tsu, and the problem is that there's just not enough money going to too many people for these kinds of social networks to generate any kind of meaningful income for people. You need concentration for it to amount to anything that matters, and that's what Tsu did to help resolve that conundrum. But it also feels a bit yucky.