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Friday, November 23, 2012

Manufacturing Revolution, early examples

I posted about the American Manufacturing Revolution that is underway, and gets very little press.  I am not sure what it will take for the press to take hold of this story.     Probably will require a significant success story, a company going public on the stock market, or if enough commerce starts flowing through this area to be material.

To track this on my blog, I'll  label as Manufacturing 2.0

Below is one of many examples on Kickstarter of new tech being created, by the people.  Collaborating not with just US citizens, but world wide.
America is on the bleeding edge, but not alone.  With the web the rest of the world is joining America.

Watch this video, and ask without the internet and web sites like Kickstarter, how much harder, longer, or even impossible it would be for YOU to get this product TODAY? One of the first in the world ever made?

Amazing stuff.

All of the projects above may not succeed, but that isnt the point.  The possibility is there, when it wasnt before.

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