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Friday, August 31, 2012

Little evidence of structural change in recent years

I see little evidence of substantial structural change in recent years is the quote of the day from Ben Bernanke.

All Ben had to do was read my blog back from 2008 and he could have learned that this would be the outcome.  Heck, just look at Japan's last 20 years.  Point is, pretty sure he KNEW back in 2008 that all the money games would not return to the good old days.

But what matters for this blog is what does Ben's speech mean for the markets?   Gary of the Smart Money tracker says start buying again (in low quantities) the miners.

I am not so sure.  Today's talk was cheap from Ben, nothing was done materially.   Buying TINY to get a toe hold if this leads to a longer rally is fine, but I'd dare not go in deep.  There is a 3 day weekend ahead, and who knows what may get announced at the close. 

Best of luck

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