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Friday, June 15, 2012

Time to buy more resources

We have seen one answer in in the last 20 years by central banks to resolve all issues....print print print!
Europe is on verge of falling apart, deflationary pressures are all around.

Do you think that the central banks will wait like 2008 and react after massive collapse?
Would they RISK another 2008 by waiting too long?

Yep its possible, the only question is it more probable?

Hedging on the probable, good time to follow up on my May 20th post to buy more miners.   At the time GDX was at 41.50 and GDXJ at 18.50.  Now they are at 46.93 and 20.71 respectively.

Others to consider is SLV (silver) GLD (gold) and OIH (Oil companies.

Good luck!

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