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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moving into Natural Resources

I exited my Federal US bond fund inplace since January 2007 today.
I am moving into natural resources over the next few weeks.

I am convinced that Europe will print, USA will print, China will print, and the rest of the world will follow.
I am not calling for hamburgers hitting 100 dollars each.  I am calling for a rebalancing of a more equal distribution of the world resources, away from the west and more to the east.

Oil, Gold, Silver, select food, etc will all rise relative to USA past experience.

Even if I am right, the move I am making will NOT properly compensate for the future world, but it will help.
This isn't a mad-max prediction, world war 3, or fall of US government.

Simply put, China and India will get net richer 2.4 billion people, and US citizens will get poorer, 300 million, relative to each population.  Natural resources are one component to gauge the new reality.

Also Gary of the Smart Money tracker is bullish now, I strongly recommend signing up for his service.

Good luck!

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