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Sunday, June 10, 2012

It is all about Oil

I may blog on a wide variety of financial topics, including gold, currencies, government debt, investing.
But the only one that REALLY matters is Oil.  For without cheap energy, the world financial dance stops.

I believe peak oil is here, and may have already hit the top, we are on the down slope.
One way to realize the reality of this is the current price of gas.  Europe markets are in a full recession collapse, so is Australia, and to some degree, China.   The USA isn't exactly leading economically either.

But here we sit, with gas prices much higher than second half of 2008 prices.  Some of it is explainable by the 3rd world markets growing, their demand is driving prices higher.  But the USA gas consumption is down to 2002 levels....and retreating!   So as the US retreats the rest of the worlds consumption rages on.

Overall this doesn't explain the price of gas today.  It is peak oil, in action.  Peak oil does NOT mean the world runs out of oil.  It basically means all the cheap oil is gone (% to consumption, new cheap well here and there immaterial).  The only oil left is costly and hard to get to, and will continue to get harder and costlier.

Think off-shore oil rigs costing billions to construct.  They are built because there isn't cheaper ways to get oil, we are tapped.

If you want to read a really in depth rant on oil, check out the Burning Platform by clicking here.  While I agree it is a dire situation, that blog does tend to get a little dramatic.   My take is next few years, everyone should spend money to focus on reducing monthly costs.  Buy solar panels, electric car, improve house inefficiencies.  Basically focus on reducing monthly costs to zero.

For once the masses want to do the same, it will cost you...big time.

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