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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bernie Sanders Quote

I don't really know much about Senator Bernie Sanders.  I ran across the image below and wanted to share.  What infuriates me about this nice sentiment he has is the lack of accountability for financing wants, as well as portraying his constituents as victims.

The first two sections wage a moral and political war against billionaires.....against the gross wealth and income inequity
Lets NOT wage a war from rich to poor, that solves nothing.
Lets simply ENFORCE EXISTING LAW, and have HONEST ACCOUNTING.  Do those two items, and equality will result.  No venom required, no draconian retaliatory laws.   Bernie, the only victims here are the same masses that you want to defend don't mandate immediately for law enforcement.
 Watch this video to understand the drastic nature of lawlessness we live in today.

Let us wage a moral and political war against  a dysfunctional health care system and fight for a medicare-for-all-single-payer-system.
Are we saying everyone in america deserves unlimited free health care no matter what the cost?  We have baby boomers in droves going into retirement.  The ratio of non-workers to workers is soaring.  As Bernie also mentions the rich and the poor divide is widening, making the pool of payers narrowing.  In a DEBT based system we cannot do this, it is fiscal insanity.   This may be doable if we move AWAY from a DEBT based system and go to a pure fiat system.  Problem there is the usual outcome is currency implosion, but it doesn't make it impossible, just difficult.   Nice thought Bernie, but so is free cars, houses , food, and energy for every citizen.  This desire is impossible in the current monetary system.  Also, has ANY government sponsored program become the model for fiscal responsibility?

Understand that we stand together....
That happens only at the end of a depression, when the masses are suffering to the point of near revolt.  That is when we will see people unite, and not a moment before.  Only hope I do have is social network evolution, if we start seeing it used for political debate than who will win American Idol, we may have a shot at avoiding that fate.

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