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Friday, March 23, 2012

A journalist FINALLY gets tough

There are so few examples of journalists being tenacious with politicians and other people in positions to ask the tough questions to protect the interest of it's citizens.

The  Irish journalist Vincent Browne is tenacious and shrewd.  He  was able to avoid the tactic of microphone change once his question was asked.  The problem is there should be an army of journalists asking tough questions.  But of course, I see so rare an occasion of tough journalism, that over the years I have only a handful of examples.

Vincent Browne has a hard hitting show on TV3, well worth a watch.

I have posted how the Irish government sold it's citizens into decades of debt slaves, when smarter countries, like Iceland avoided that fate.

A great video to watch, how the law is continually perverted by governments extending payments to un-guaranteed gambling (investing?) debts at the cost of the citizens.

Vincent Browne, thank you for doing your job.

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