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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Media News Bias

Mish has a great rant on his blog about mainstream US media vs other sources such as Russia Today.
I think of myself as open minded, but I also recoil a little about getting news from Russia Today.  I guess my childhood of being told over and over that Russia is the enemy (and they are!) has me on the guard.

But the US media also is the enemy, for if we pull back for the last 20 years, the media has NOT been on the attack and helped the masses understand the important issues and keep their focus on the ball.  Instead its "Entertainment News", and less news, more opinion/spin.

So how can I trust US news to give me the current important news if the media has not been focused on core political and economic issues?

This doesn't mean I trust Russia Today, but the coverage I have seen rings more informative than many other news sources in the last few years.

I encourage you to read Mish's Rant Privatizing of Gains and Socializing of Losses; You Want the News? From Where?, and a good episode of Russia Today below.  It is full of opinion, and not facts, BUT it is very apparent when opinion is being given, unlike fox news.

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