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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alternate News Sources Important

Yet another example of how important alternate news sources are.  Granted, the issue below is super small, stupid and nothing to get up in arms about.
But how many other items don't we hear about, because its killed early?

The Mythbusters show encouraged to not show an episode answering how secure are RFID in credit cards.   If Myth busters can find out information that shouldn't be shared, I am pretty sure Russians, Chinese, organized crime, and a determined hacker could.

I'd have some respect for stopping airing the show IF the companies promised RFID 2.0 by January 2014 that covers all the security holes.  And they want less information on how to hack RFID in the mean time.  But I am in the camp of silence will result in slower action.

Anyway, I digress.

A society and economy is best served with clear laws, enforcement for all, and transparency to ensure corruption doesn't become entrenched.  In such an environment investment can be made with higher confidence and corporate growth increased.

Notice how no legal action was taken, the threat of being friendly to its advertisers was enough.

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