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Monday, October 10, 2011

Federal 1 year bonds at 150 percent interest rate returns

Well, not US federal bonds.....

Here in America, a US bond gets near zero percent for a 1 year bond.  In Greece, you can buy a Greece 1 year debt bond and get 150% interest rate!

Imagine that, give Greece 1,000 bucks, and in a year, you will get 2,500 bucks back in euros!
So why invest anywhere else but Greece?

For one thing, you must have faith that the European Union will save Greece by paying for their debts.  And so far, Germany is having cold feet to pay for Greeks heavy debt load.  Next up of course will be Spain, Italy, and  eventually Ireland....again.

So if your the optimistic sort, it's a great time to buy Greek government bonds.
For those like myself, I'll take good old US bonds under 1% for now.

BTW, Greece offers us all a glimpse of a potential future for all western countries, if we don't start changing our behavior.....NOW.

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