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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zero Hedge Roundup

The blog Zero Hedge can sometimes be a bit....extreme in some of its posts.
But I found a few good articles recently worth sharing.

Citi Recommends Buying Irish CDS In Advance Of "Nightmare On Kildare Street" - Basically Irish debt is going parabolic which equals, another government collapse. We'll see what Europe does.

Chris Martenson Straight Talk With John Rubino: The Damage Is Already Done - I don't highlight Mr. Martenson much on the blog, but I do feature in my "new reader" link his videos and link to his web site. Interesting read, highly recommend it.

JPMorgan: "The Likelihood That The Portuguese Government Will Fall This Week Looks High" - Hopefully if we have enough governments collapse, eventually the USD will reverse and gain value! Come on Libya, Ireland. Portugal, Greece, and a dozen more. Get busy failing!. The question is, once all the small players fail.....what then for the USD?

US Inflation On Track To Hit 8.3% In 2011 - To all retire's, fat chance you'll see an increase in your social security check to adjust standard of living. Get used to it.

OPEC Says Perfectly Happy With $120 Oil, Does Not Think It Will Impair Growth - Funny how 120 dollar oil was panic time in 2008...but now, eh, its fine! What has changed? Are global citizens more wealthy can can spend more for fuel (and all things that need fuel)? Or maybe...just maybe...Peak oil is real. Nah, common folk are clearly richer than spring 2008, so 5 bucks a gallon gas here we come. Alternately, maybe this is the first crack of OPEC with using USD as a benchmark, and expects US to continue to pay higher prices.

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