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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Syrian government dismantled, Libya mis-information everywhere


What I don't understand is how the Syrian government can be dismantled, but keep the leader? I don't see how true change can occur. My prediction is Syria will have another crisis in years to come.

I saw flash on the news today that Gaddafi is planning for his own exit......when I search the internet I find nothing about such an action. I see news about other governments PLANNING on what to do once Gaddafi is gone. Perhaps the internet is behind the TV? I doubt it.

It does seem that the rebel forces are not making as much progress as the media is touting. Perhaps the way Gadaffi eventually falls is when he can't pay his mercenary army money.

In any event, Libya won't ever be the same, whether Gaddafi recognizes this or not, its only a matter of time, money, and lives lost.

Once this comes to pass, the world can resume focusing on Portugal, Greece, and Ireland as next to possibly fall.

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