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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Market Volatility Likely within Days

The US Supreme court earlier this week rejected the Federal Reserve Banks request for secrecy on their "special" lending programs with banks.

The activity since the 2008 financial crisis has been performed without public transparency, under the logic that banks who sought help from the Federal Reserve Bank would be damaged by release of such information.

On the other side is the American People. The US government must operate transparently, as all taxpayer spending, to justify it's expenditures. Since the Federal Reserve Bank, a PRIVATE institution, is operating with the implicit/explicit guarantee the US government will back it's debts, they too must operate transparently.

The ruling is correct, and a little optimism springs forth for me.

However the release of this information is likely to produce volatility as the public absorbs the information. It is also possible it may be "yesterday's news" so who cares, and a registers for 5 minutes in the market as it moves on.

After all the market barely has budged even though Japan is badly damaged, Portugal's government is about to dissolve, and Ireland/Greece may spell the end of the Euro and those countries solvency.

Since none of this matters, it is quite possible the Federal Reserve release won't matter. But I felt it prudent to make readers aware that information is days away from release. My guess is this weekend, after market close, but thats only a guess.

It is likely no matter what is released, its good for gold as those who despise the fiat currency system find justification for buying more precious metals. I am 75% invested right now in precious metal miners. (GDX, GDXJ, GLD, many small miners, SLV, SLW, and rare earth stock AVL)

NOTE: I do not despise FIAT currencies, and do not believe gold is money. I do think Fiat system is closer to being a correct system over gold. But there is no question in my mind, current FIAT system is broken.

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