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Friday, March 18, 2011

I broke my blog

I logged onto Google analytics to see how this blog has been doing.
To my surprise, not one visitor since Feb 20th. Not one!
I found this a bit surprising, since I have on occasion loaded this blog from work (talking to someone, show them a link, etc).

I realized, of course, I must have broke my link...sure enough, Feb 19th post titled "Modified Blog Layout".

Well, it should be fixed now, but for 30 days I lost all data about blog hits.

I am sure in a couple of day's I'll discover 1,000's of avid readers... :)
Moral of the story....Changing ANYTHING in technology needs to be tested. I work in software development, it amazes me that even I don't think to double check all things that could go wrong when you make changes.
Oh well, back to the financial blog.

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