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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gold, Silver, Miners and Food

I am adding to all positions across the board, providing the market doesnt open Wenesday down big. The thought is that Ben Bernanke will be forced to print more money. Right now it looks like dollar is resuming its decline, and resources are going up.

I for one, am NOT convinced Ben will take us down the rabbit hole and try to break the US Dollar's back. But I can't rule it out either. I'd rather get in on resources now, and when it comes time for Ben Bernanke to announce the next action, be able to dump over-valued shares than try to grab onto a rocket last second.

What is amazing, is everything feels more fragile that during the 2008 crash. No one knows for sure if Ben will pull the trigger and take the US down the path of destruction. But if history is a guide, we are screwed, and Mr. Bernanke will put us in the line of fire.

But that play seems too easy, so caution is the word of the day.

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