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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Market Trend

Well, trend is your friend, supposedly. I am entering in long positions in gold miners.
This market just won't die, and i don't see any reason it should.
We have fictional accounting, and a government who is gaining huge control over the corporations through financial backing.

So I am going back into the miners, slowly. Pretty much in hindsight the best play i could have made back in august 2009 is to never leave the miners.

Lets face it, everyone wants the market to go up, and no one cares about the repercussions of the financial decisions today. It is part of human nature. This thing will end once the US Treasuries go parabolic up, and with other countries having issues, that could keep US Treasury rates under control for a while.

I still have some shorts, but lightening up Monday.

So since this "perma bear" is finally flipping, this is the top. But I have to go with the trend, up up up up up up up up up. When this is done, it's one for the record books.
I'll do this week in charts Monday night.

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