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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mish Roundup

I can't stress enough to readers that best time spent is reading MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis blog on a daily basis. Mish does an excellent job of cutting to the root economic facts on a wide variety of topics. Mish' of course isn't 100% right, but I'll take his spin vs mainstream news outlets any day. A roundup of some of Mish's greatest rants recently, click a few and read!

Dump Bernanke - How You Can Help! <--A MUST READ For everyone, pass along
Why Is California Broke? - And Illinois, Kansas, Arizona, San Diego,
Peak Autos: America's Love Affair with the Automobile May Be Coming to an End
25 State Unemployment Funds Bankrupt; Credit Card Defaults at Record Levels
Recent Graduates, Teens Hit Hard In Miserable Jobs Market
Sanity In Michigan On Public Worker Pay; "Living Wage" Insanity in Pittsburgh
No Way Out For Japan
Steve Keen on Banking Secrets and Fed Transparency
Worry Over the US$ and PIIGS
Housing Bubble Comparison: US, UK, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan
Sovereign Debt Crisis Coming As Recovery Stalls

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