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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stock Trader to watch

There are tons of 2 bit (like here) blogs where plenty of BS for stock trading is available.

But there is a bottom line, and that is, what is the RECORD of the trader.
My record for 2007-2009 spring was pretty darn good. Not so good since July.
But I'm not going to go into detail.

There is a site called KaChing where traders can tie their trading to the web site to have verified positions and results. Basically put up or shut up. The site is pretty interesting.

One trader I have been half watching for a year now is Atilla Demiray of blog xTrends. He is a "bear" on the market, but to his credit will flip sides as he see's fit. But definitely leans towards shorting.

Atilla is up 60% since September, not too shabby. As of this blog entry, he is down about 3 million on his most recent positions (wow), but I guess when up 60% and trading capital of 40 million, all in a days work.

Better yet, find a KaChing designated "genius" and you can setup your interactive brokers account to mirror the genius traders moves automatically! Who needs a stock broker giving advice "do as I say not as I do"? These guys show the money they risk, proving their personal conviction. All of this is high risk, of course, but interesting none the less.

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