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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Market Bull to resume?

The market could go materially higher. I am starting to have my doubts of any sort of market crash to occur in the next 6 months. That doesn't mean the market will hit new highs.

Best place is cash, perhaps until 2010.

I may go 100% cash, and set some thresholds on various items, to bet when we cross or touch the critical chart points. The government may have inflated enough cash to hold up the financial markets for a while.

One good argument for a good sell off is many stocks are up so high, many approaching levels from August 2008, that its time to get back to sane valuation levels. Another, but seemingly meaningless argument, is the economy is in shambles, and no where close to as healthy as July 2008. But really, does reality matter in the stock market?

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