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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Video: Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis, Barney Frank, and an Angry Redneck

Mish gave a speech at Google, it is well worth the watch.
Very factual and logical on the economic outlook

Congressman Barney Frank while being on CNBC, walked off during the interview.
Barney not being able to hold his temper when questioned about his policies. This level of immaturity is troubling, Mr. Frank has undue influence of the financial policies of this nation. I wish I could laugh, but instead only a small tear appears as I see yet more proof of what is to come.

Find the above video dry and boring? Want a redneck cursing, violence, angry music, and some racial slams, this next video is for you.

Notice at the end the gold commercial. This is why gold will go much higher, it will be the "protest" investment of many citizens. If the world had a tenancy to buy coal during troubling economic times, I would invest there. But currently it is a shiny rock that the protest vote finds solace in.

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