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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lottery Tickets continued

As previously mentioned, the second Lottery Tickets are MUCH higher risk. So these lottery tickets aren't for the feint of heart.

These lottery tickets for me are lacking a little luster, it has been over 5 weeks since these picks. But if I can manage to hold, and the market has a severe dislocation lower in the next 4 weeks, these should pay off amazingly.

Stock 5/7/9 6/17/09 Percent Gain
FAZ 4.75 5.23 10.1%
SRS 20.1521.00
TZA 24.9523.43 -6.1%

Nice to be net up on these lottery tickets. Considering these are high risk plays, not bad. Also, if you had some courage, and bought when these where lower, your average price should be lower than the prices listed above.

I expect Thursday to be a green day, and Friday to be a down day, with Monday even lower. There are more games afoot with this Friday being options expiration.

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