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Friday, June 19, 2009

Blogger Roundup

There is always tons of news out daily, I long ago gave up on highlighting all the important news.

I was impressed by some of the blogging stories of recent note, some highlights.
The Market Ticker
The Fed is pulling liquidity out of the market.
Comments on Obama's Regulatory proposals
Karl comments on how opposition to Obama's health care package is being muted in the public media.
Karl compares Iranian protests to lack of American action on massive financial fraud robbing their life savings.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
Mish explains how dropping continuing unemployment claims may not be bullish
Senator Shelby Calls Fed's Expertise "Grossly Inflated" as Geithner Attempts to Defend the Indefensible
Obama's Blueprint for Reform Concentrates Still More Power in Hands of the Fed My Comment - ABOLISH the FED!
Obama Asks Congress for the "Power to Punish" - Gold help us all, haven't we learned from Bush that Imperial Presidencies are not the answer?
Capital One Chargeoffs Rise To 9.4%; American Express Chargeoffs 10%; Card Issuance Drops 50% - The spin is the recovery is "in", but since America's primary economic driver is consumption, how can American's consume as much as they did in 2007 and earlier when banks are resistant to giving out fraudulent loans, and credit card companies stop issuing new cards to people who can't pay?
I am trapped in my house - Mish walks through a reader's situation where he is underwater in his mortgage

China lectures Australia (and the world) that Keynsian economics should be found a failure
. - My Comment: 100% agree, but I find me agreeing with China a little unsettling.

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