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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Video on US Treasuries

I decided to change the title of my Video posts from "Saturday Video post ##" to "Video on XXXX", basically a small summary of what the videos are about.

Today's video is quite disturbing, Karl of the Market Ticker walks through the various bleak options Ben "King" Bernanke has before him. I say "King" since the power he wields literally can devastate the USA for years if not a decade. This video was created this past Wednesday, May 27th, 2009.

Once the US is past all of this, whenever that is, I hope the power of the Fed is significantly reduced, if not eliminated entirely.

This video is a must watch, or if you prefer click to read Karl's comments.

When done, go to this web site to act, http://federationist.org

Also for the "fun" of it, I have posted parodies of the movie "downfall" a few times on this blog. This is a parody of all the parodies being made using this clip. Not financial related, but I found it humorous.

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