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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lottery Tickets - Second Season

These are MUCH HIGHER risk than my last lottery tickets

My last ones was based on the principle not all the stocks I recommended would NOT go bankrupt, and therefore the stocks would rebound.
Turns out none went bankrupt and all rebounded. FAZ is high risk, but at 4.75, you can "place a bet" on 100 shares for $475.00. Put a stop at 235 to ensure you get 1/2 money back if it continues to free fall. Otherwise sell 50 at 9.5 a share, and let the rest ride.

Prices as of Thursday 5/7/09 open prices
FAZ - 3x short financial markets - Price 4.75
SRS - Double short real estate - Price 20.15
TZA - 3x short Russell index - price 24.95
I'll put closing prices also at EOD.

And the "sure play" (NOTHING is a sure play) is shorting the stocks already mentioned here.

And crazy high risk, for crack addict gamblers short my last lottery tickets, after all stocks like MGM went up 500% in 8 weeks!

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