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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lottery Tickets 2 months later

Since I am of the belief that the market is topping here, I figured it would be fun to go back and see how the lottery tickets performed, assuming you kept these stocks to the "market top".

I already gave up on most (But not all) of my lottery ticket plays. I cashed out of most, kept AA, and a little of Ford, with a splash of some of the others.

The purchase price comparison is 3/5/09 to 5/3/09. (price COB 5/1/09)

Stock 3/5/9 5/1/9 Percent Gain
AA 5.25 9.69 84.6%
F 1.81 5.69 214.4%
GE 6.66 12.69 90.5%
LVS 1.99 8.00 302%
MGM 1.89 7.86 315.9%
DRYS 3.54 8.28 133.9%
C 1.02 2.97 192.2%

I caught a good chunk of this, but even I bailed on GE very early, LVS/MGM at 200%, DRYS, and most of C. I did keep AA, and plan to keep for year+. Its tough to keep stocks with such good gains to the full run, which I believe is now.

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