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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I would like to take the time to list out the blogs I read, and my spin on what they offer for information. You could spend 24 hours a day trying to keep up on all the streaming information on world politics, 10,000's of graphs, company news releases, etc. I frankly barely have the time to spend an hour a day (I shoot for 2-3).

Bloggers are an amazing resource that everyone should use to help digest what needs your attention. The goal is to find bloggers that do the daily footwork of digesting information provide a non-partial coverage of the highlights that need your attention. This provides you the tools tools to assess what trading actions are appropriate.

The bloggers listed here are also listed on the right hand side of this blog. I no longer provide the blogger roundup, do your own homework. Please post other blogger suggestions in the comments on this post.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis Blog
A Must Read Daily
Mish is the best general financial realated news source on the web period. If you have one blog to read, this is it, not mine. However, Mish does little to no trading advice. He sticks to taking the spin out of the news, and constructing the reality behind it.

The Market Ticker
Recommended Read
Karl Denninger is a great American who cares passionately about the USA, and it's current crisis. Karl not only provides his insight to current events, he does it with great passion and colorful language at times. Karl supports efforts to mobilize the readers to influence politics and is associated with FedUpUSA.Org. Karl is the "next best" to Mish's blog to read, and definitely more entertaining than Mish. Karl speaks on blogtalk radio, as well as posts videos on youtube.

The Market Ticker forums
Karl hosts a news/posting forum for the public. You can read some of the forums without registration, some areas require you to have donated to support his efforts. For up to date news worth reading, click this link and browse the titles daily. Its one of the best news sources for what new information is being released. Try to take any spin the other readers post with a grain of salt, but many provide key insight to the news releases.

The Market Ticker Gold Member Area
If you donate to the Market Ticker, Karl provides a daily breakdown of the market action in the form of a 20-40 minute video. I watch this video daily religiously. Karl unfortunately is a true day-trader, so his immediate market spin does not help me. But his decade+ experience of trading helps me put in perspective market likely direction. Karl on occasion in the video makes a stock recommendation.

The Smart Money Tracker
A must for precious metal investing
Gary of the Smart Money Tracker provides expert insight into the direction of precious metals and sometimes other resources. Gary's blog provides minimal information compared to his pay service. If interested in purchasing Gold Miners or other resources, I highly recommend donating to Gary's blog (click for examples) and start gaining access to his pay only blog and email service. As a warning, Garys "day to day" advice to me is not accurate, but his month over month advice seems to me to be extremely accurate. And his long term vision matches mine exactly, so he must be good. :)

The Slope of Hope
Recommended for day to month trading
Tim Knight of the Slope of Hope provides day-trading advice. He on occasion does provide week-month plays, but usually in shorter timeframes. Tim provides volumes of chart analysis, with trading recommendations, that is great to review. Tim also has a twitter post to allow you to easily follow his activity. Tim plays both long and short, and is pretty much not attached to any sector to trade. Best part, Tim's free! :)

The Chart Store
Recommended for overall picture of market sector trends
Ron Reiss of the Chart Store has over 5,000 charts dating back as far as the 1800's. Ron offers the same data from different perspectives, including adjusted for inflation, which is key to value resource stocks. I find Ron's blog worth the purchase currently, to get an overall impression of the market direction, and sectors that are in play, as well as trading ideas. Because Ron's site has so many charts, I don't believe I would find it useful to pay for the site access without paying the Premium fee for his blog analysis.

McHugh's Technical Index
Worth a 1 month trial
I have mixed emotions on McHugh's magic stock chart analysis. This pay service provides pontification of market direction using it's own formula for market trend prediction. This is worth paying for if only to see what many people use as a trend indicator. McHugh is very popular in the blogger world, and I believe extends into the professional trading world.

The McClellan Oscillator is the difference between the 5% and 10% Indexes, which are a 19-EMA and 39-EMA of daily advances minus declines. It reflects the short-term strength and direction of market liquidity. A longer-term view is provided by the Summation Index, which is the cumulative total of the daily McClellan Oscillator values. These indicators move within a trading range and also help determine the overbought/oversold condition of the market.

Other blogs
Shadow Stats - Alternate economic statistics from the USA government, adjusted to be more "Truthful". Also has a pay service.
Mises Institute
- Great for general independent economic analysis.
Hussman Funds - I have only started reading this blog, great general financial market analysis
Financial Truth Blog - Good for videos from Jim Rogers, John Stossel, Marc Faber, Peter Schiff and Ron Paul
Sudden Debt - posts on market thoughts, and chart analysis.

*NOTE* I may update this entry without warning, to add additional resources I follow

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