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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lottery Tickets - One Month later

This will be the last update on stock market lottery tickets. With returns now achieved, I consider these tickets success. I am now selling beyond 50% mark. At this point, you should put stop losses on ALL remaining shares on these lottery tickets. 150-200% profits are the lottery ticket jackpots. How greedy can you get for 4 weeks?

AA is reporting Tuesday after the close. Holding that stock to Wednesday is a high risk - high reward hold. If AA gets slapped down Wednesday to below 6 bucks, its a long term buy for your portfolio. Maybe the last great entry for a while.
If your already in it...best to lock in some profits. I am rolling the dice on this one.

The purchase price is assumed to be the day of the post, 3/5/09 . (posted at 12:01 am)

Stock 3/5/9 4/6/9 Percent Gain
AA 5.25 7.91 50.7%
F 1.81 3.77 108.3%
GE 6.66 11.19 68%
LVS 1.99 4.96 149.2%
MGM 1.89 5.53 192.6%
DRYS 3.54 5.11 44.4%
C 1.02 2.72 166.7%

MGM and LVS have some shaky news out. Citibank may eventually go bankrupt. Ford may be a long term hold. AA, GE, and DRYS I expect to remain volatile.

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