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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week Blogging Roundup

My blogging roundup will be shorter than normal, highlighting the major points I read over the past week. All of them are must-reads.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis Blog (all articles are worth a read)
Who bears the 3 Trillion Dollar Mistake - EXCELLENT insight on why the Fed is proceeding the way it is
Bernanke's Boiled Frog Plan To Recapitalize Banks - Insightful Critique of Fed plan for banks
14 year commercial real estate supply in China - A small insight of one of the many issues China faces....China is not positioned to turn the world around "tomorrow".

The Market Ticker
The Underlying Fraud In Banking & The Remedy - Long detailed rants, with great analysis of the sickness this nation faces...and in my opinion the US WON'T face until its the "easier" choice...say DOW 4K

The Smart Money Tracker
Gary blogged on his short thoughts on Gold Miners decouple from the market

Sudden Debt
The age of De Leverage begins
From AAA to ZERO

Many more great blogs can be found on the right of this blog, do your own reading. The internet has given us common folk a great gift of unprecedented access to information. If this was 20 years ago all of us would have had NO IDEA of the pending collapse of the market. With the internet many of those reading blogs knew the storm was coming. Continued reading I am hoping will help prepare us for what is still yet to come.

Well worthwhile speech from Karl of "The market ticker" at award ceremony for
"AIM's 2009 Reed Irvine Award for Grassroots Journalism".

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