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Friday, March 13, 2009

Lottery Ticket Results - 7 days later

One week ago, I posted time to buy lottery tickets. I am trying to hold my lottery ticket stocks until I get 50% returns, then put stop - losses for 50% of the shares to minimize my total costs. I reserve the right to panic out. :)

Lets take a look at the returns/losses 7 days later. Keep in mind, when I posted the lottery tickets, they where long term lottery tickets, just so happens the market turned this week.

All prices are the price on post day (after close) and next day price, to cover the range you might have bought at.
AA bought 6.25-5.25 Currently at 5.98. Change between -5% to +14%
F bought 1.87-1.81 Currently at 2.10 Change between +13% to +16%
GE bought 6.69-6.66 Currently at 9.57 Change between +43%
LVS bought 2.23-1.99 Currently at 1.77 Change between -21% to -11%
MGM bought 2.21-1.89 Currently at 3.17 Change between +43% to +67%
DRYS bought 3.90-3.54 Currently at 4.31 Change between +10% to +21%
C bought 1.13-1.02 Currently at 1.67 Change between +47% to +63%

So average returns are +18% to 30% in 7 days. Great start for "lottery tickets".
Not to mention, the "small miners" are mostly winners also. And of course, the ONLY lottery ticket I bought in large size was LVS, I'm damn good ;)
Of course in 7 more days the gains could easily be wiped out. But hey, these are lottery tickets, fun to see where this lands!

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