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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blogger Roundup 3-31-09

I haven't done a blogging roundup in a month, I had to cut out many great posts, to make the list reasonable. All of them are must-reads.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis Blog (all articles are worth a read)
Quantitative Easing Begins; "Operation Twist" Revisited
Geithner articles on arrogance, Bad Bank Plan, and Gigantic Confidence Game
A Paycheck Away From Ruin
Bernanke's Grand Experiment Continues
Judge Rules Vallejo Can Void Union Contracts - Will lead to more government contracts voided if upheld
In Search of Common Sense
Boomers' Future Went Down The Drain
Is Debt the Lifeblood of the Economy?
Deflationary Depression Returns To Haunt America
You Walk Away LLC sued in class action lawsuit <-- I found this business particularly interesting.

The Market Ticker

Three Month Wrap-Up (1Q 2009)
- One of Karl's better rants
Open Letter To The FDIC Ombudsman - Since proven right click here.
The Bezzle Defined - Great listing of issues in US financial markets
WayBack Machine: HellFire Call
The end game approaches
Reserve Banking - Great explanation of how Reserve Banking works
The Inescapable Math on Mortgages

The Smart Money Tracker
Make a living or get rich
Here we go - Basically Fed can't print its way to prosperity
Mining stocks starting to decouple

Sudden Debt
CDS money in the shadows - Great case for deflation is bigger than inflation
More on CDS, and Great Depression vs now - Gold Standard vs Fiat currency
CDS: The Equity Connection Today
Race At Havoc House Bank

Mises Institute
The Fed Did It, and Greenspan Should Admit It
Is This America's Dark Knight?
Printing like Mad
Why Congress Must Stop the Fed's Massive Pumping

The Big Picture
How well does diversification work? - Nifty chart
Stocks vs Bonds - Fixed income may be boring.....but it works
Quadruple Confirmed Evil Knievel Formation - VERY funny...if not so true...graph of what is to come
New Home Sales Fell 41% in February 2009 - The bottom is NOT in

Many more great blogs can be found on the right of this blog, do your own reading.



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