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Saturday, February 21, 2009

ZeitGeist, the movie

A third movie in the ZeitGeist series is being released soon (link). The information in general is truthful and informational. But it is set to ominous tones and doom vibe. It does make it more entertaining, otherwise even I think I would go to sleep watching this movie! But like anything, truth can be spun together to paint the picture it wants. If you have two hours to kill, watch it.

One thing to learn from this, is money is DEBT, its not a real asset. Also how our economy is based upon FRACTIONAL reserve system. This is not an "absolute" and "only" system that the universe must be based upon, its just the current methodology. Only true assets are Gold/Oil/Land/Food, and only in physical form. Buying GLD, GDX, USL, RJA or other financial instruments are representations of such.

So, if you watch, try to strip away from the drama, and listen to the analysis, it does point to out how the system does have some basic issues. Click the icon in bottom right corner to go full screen. Thanks to Aldo for the video. In "honor" of Swan, notice that this movie spin applies to Republicans and Democrats. :)

What I find REAL annoying is implication of a global conspiracy. That is just ridiculous. Any "global conspiracy" can be explained (and IS) caused by common actions among a large group of people. People serve themselves, not others, and that's a common theme in mankind.

Information (spin) at 50 minutes in the film is extremely compelling. At 52 minutes, even I was lost and refuse to follow the spin!

NOTE: The movie in its spin is a bit over-the-top, try to ignore the spin, and end at 52 minutes :) and at past 1:13, i am 100% against the leap they paint, don't associate it with me! It goes commie beyond 1:13 :)

At 1:24:30 is a BASIC principle of automation that is occurring. My own goal is to remain relevant to remain employable as this transition occurs.

The movie sets the foundation by quoting "Modern Money Mechanics", a publication by the US Fed of Chicago, that is out of print. You can read more from this government document by clicking on the link above.

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