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Monday, February 16, 2009

Noteable Blog Entries

Since the stock market is closed monday, figure I would highlight some great blog entries by other bloggers. All of these blogs are worth looking at daily.

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
Mish's is a MUST read by everyone.
Wealth does not pass three generations
You Can't fool gold
Stimulus spending over time
Employment Cycles during Recessions
Inadequate Loan Loss Reserves At Numerous Minnesota Banks
Fed Overwhelmed, Calls Emergency Consultants To Untangle AIG
The Game Is Up
Currency Intervention Madness
No Transparency In "Stress Test"

The Big Picture
Can wall street do basic math? (GREAT bank chart)
Fair Value for S&P 440 (Pretty close to my target 400)
Listening to mass media for market timing investing, interesting graphs.
Buffets buy metric
Bail out rate of return
Florida's Jumbo load issue....
Post WWII recession job recovery (GREAT Graphs)

The Market Ticker
Karl tends to rant, but his basic points are dead on
Fraudulent Nation
Do they really think we are this dumb?
To the Republicans (independent of party, the list of what must be done is good)
The point of my two fed posts

The Smart Money Tracker
Gary's pay service is a must for precious metal investors
Gold Sentiment and the Dollar
Oil vs Gold
Confused yet?

Worst decade yet

Slope of Hope
UltraShort Real Estate (Aah..SRS, like moth to a flame)
Gold Bear
Retails Fantastic recovery
Shorting commodities (Note my recommendation for SLOWLY roll into commodities over next year)

The Bullz and the Bearz
Are we forming a mini gold bubble? (Good video)

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