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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moment of Truth....day 2?

Tuesday DOW ended at 7,552. Wednesday Dow ended at 7,555.

There isn't anything new to print to add to yesterday's post.
I can still tell you this, I think we will see a significant move between now and Monday, lets see which way we end up. I have a feeling once we start moving, I'll have plenty to print about.

Today I tightened my stop-losses (mostly ADDED them) on most of my risky positions. If we fall apart, and I'm at work, I just can't take the chance I return from a meeting to find Satan sent me an email stating I have a margin call.

GDX/Gold miners are a win, not matter what happens, in next year. I'm looking to add to miners once gold pulls back to 900 an ounce. Probably gold hits old high first ($1,014) before a pullback.

Below is an hour long video on the current economic problems.

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