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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

News Dec 29th roundup

Washington Post has an in depth article on AIG history and how it's problems evolved. A good read, it is a part 1 of 2 to be published
My SPIN: Notice that the price tag for AIG is 152 Billion and counting, and GM wanted 15 Billion. I'd like to see if the execs at AIG are paid "on average" same as other insurance companies, if not, Congress should get up in arms and demand they take a pay cut before more money is dispensed, like the UAW debate.

Pawn Shops seeing higher income people in need of help
Congress to hold hearings on Madoff scandal - My Spin - After 30 years of outright fraud, a congressional hearing will fix this....where was the government regulators across all administrations?
GMAC having trouble meeting financial requirements to become a bank holding company - My Spin - if GMAC goes, so does GM.
UPDATE - GMAC got financing announced on 30th
Dollar falling due to concern over US recession - My Spin - Maybe, just maybe its our debt spending drawing concern, since the world is also in a recession.

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