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Monday, December 15, 2008

Go Go Monday

Thanks for readers who read my Sunday rant. I had to get out some of the "anger" over the hypocrisy. But that really has nothing to do with making money in the market, so lets get back to the purpose of this blog.

The news last week was HORRIBLE. The big auto was rejected for government cash influx, unemployment numbers horrible. Madoff investments, a company that is also a MARKET MAKER has been uncovered as a ponzi scheme, losing over 50 billion dollars! States may be facing 100 Billion dollar budget gap in next two years! I could go on for pages of all the bad news I didn't bother to cover last week. Why didn't I mention all the bad news because......

What did the market do, Rally! This bodes extremely well for the market. Please keep in mind this Saturday is option expiration. There will be some very odd games played with the market.
If this week is one big party up, and you can't afford to lose your gains, consider selling some Thursday EOD assuming we rally into Thursday.

In any event as of 7:30 am Monday, Gold is up 7 bucks, oil is up, market is barely up.
DXO should easily pass 3.50, up about 35% since I mentioned purchasing it a week ago.
GDX should break convincingly past 28 today. As you can see on the GDX graph on the right, there may be some resistance as GDX moves towards 38. At 35, may be a good place to lighten up.

In any event when this play makes you feel like the world best trader, expect it to come down suddenly. But then again, I haven't played the bull side in 2 years, I could be experiencing abuse symptoms as a bear. But I'm still expecting Obama story as savior to keep the markets up through January.
UPDATE: A bit of a bull run potentially for resources, there is talk of additional 3 trillion dollar stimulus package. (AKA dollar devaluation)

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