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Monday, November 17, 2008

More reasons to like commodities

Sunday Barack H Obama stated he was NOT worried about the American Debt.
Wow, talk about denial. If he is actually telling the truth, then you can certainly expect more debt to come under his administration. And although it can be argued is this good for the country or bad, one thing everyone should agree on, it will eventually lead to US dollar devaluation, and possibly rising interest rates.

Gerald Celente is an economist who in the past has made successful predictions including Black Monday,[1][8] the fall of the Soviet Union,[1] the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis,[9][8] and the subprime mortgage crisis.[9]. He now is predicting that American's number one concern by 2012 will be having enough money for food.

Both of these news items bolster my previous post on Thesis Change. It must be noted that the world is still in a deflationary collapse, and commodities could still move lower, but oil at 55 a barrel and gold miners crushed in value, its hard to believe some of the commodities could go much lower currently. In any event, start moving cash out of bonds and into ways to keep ahead of the future risk. I like GDX for gold Miners index, UNG for United States Natural Gas index, RJA for food companies, OIH for Oil companies, etc.

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