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Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday News

For investing, see article Thesis Change and When to buy in stock market
In general for next one to 3 months, I am now a market "bull" not bear. Long term I think the market still goes down, but for now, the sky's the limit. :)
This morning the US Dollar is reported lower, which should make the markets move higher.

11/3/08 News
ECB to cut interest rates by fastest rate ever, abandoning "inflation fighting" mantra
Great NY Times article on Washington Mutual lending practices.
Questions on effectiveness of Government "lending" AIG 143 Billion dollars.
Economic "boosts" announced. Japan 260B, Germany 96B, South Korea 10B, as well as many other countries.
One in FIVE US mortgages are "underwater" (owe more than house value)
Argentina debt rating cut (my spin: yet another failure is to occur in Argentina)
China manufacturing slows by record amount in October
Rio Tinto Chief Says Slowdown in China Is Worsening
India Imports slowing

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