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Monday, November 10, 2008

AIG, GM, FORD, AMBAC want taxpayer money

Updated 11-10-09 @ 8:10 am
Insurance company AIG has a "NEW" bailout plan on the table, after ripping through 120 billion dollars in less than two months.
Company AIG to receive TARP money, government to buy AIG CDS & MBS
Bond Insurer AMBAC to get a government "capital Injection"
Car Companies General Motors and Ford looking for government assistance
State of California announces tax hike....by good old Arnold.
Company Circuit City seeks Bankruptcy
Bailout Bill also created windfall for banks by eliminating taxes related to bank mergers
US Home sales down 4.6%, and Freddie/Fannie lower max mortgage size from 729K to 625K
US Unemployment climbs to 6.5%, a 14 year record.
Warren Buffet's company Berkshire Hathaway reports 1Billion dollar loss
Countries credit rating downgraded by Fitch for South Korea, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Chile and Malaysia
China announces 4 trillion yuan "stimulus" package
Russia Ruble decline predicted with Oil devaluation
Japan's machine orders fell by record 10.4% last quarter
Italy to start bank bailouts

And BIG News, a US company is taking on the government
Bloomberg suing USA for full disclosure on the "collateral" the government is taking to help companies. Nice try Bloomberg, not while Mr. Bush is around, the law doesn't apply.

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