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Monday, August 25, 2008

Questions to ask your Financial Advisor

I don't have a financial advisor. I am NOT one either.
However, I realize why most have one, it takes WAY too much time to read up on finance and keep current.

With the downturn, I have talked to people who have financial advisors, and often the response I get for their plan confused me, and questioned the value add.

A blog posted questions for your financial avisor. I particularly liked these two questions:

4. Did your adviser change his strategy as economic and financial events changed? If he didn't, why not?

6. Ask your adviser whether he "eats is own cooking" -- that is, did he invest along with you in the same investments, and are both of your interests aligned?


While at it, read these 10 rules of investing and use them as discussion points to see how your advisor aligns with these rules. Click here.

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