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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Economic posts for thought

I regard Mish of Global Economic Analysis as the best economic bloggers out there, and well worth a daily read over any other blog, including mine!

Next up is Karl Denninger of Market Ticker.org, who is better than Mish in his activism stance against corruption and other market distortions.  Mish tends to cover a wider, more even view of topics at hand.  Karl is next blogger I place in high regaurd.

Then comes Gary of Smart Money tracker.  For the most part, Gary focuses on making money, and positioned at the precious metal sector.

A few great rants recently I highly recommend reading.

Smart Money Tracker

Global Economic Tracker
Crazy Incentives in Welfare System; The Welfare Cliff; Welfare Spending Per Hour $30.60 - Median Income Per Hour $25.03

Exit Strategy? What Exit Strategy?

Apple to Relaunch Manufacturing in US, Net Result +200 Jobs; Lights Out

Incredibly Easy to Balance Budget Without Repealing Obamacare and Without Fiscal Cliff Tax Hikes

Market Ticker
The Real Problem With America: Morality
"Unions Destroying America"

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