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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Police Brutality?

I ran across an older video from early November, showing students being pepper sprayed.
You can watch it here.

On one hand, its easy to say it was unnecessary.  The students are obviously peacefully protesting.  But on the other hand, in the scheme of life, this is not even close to being police brutality.  I don't think American's appreciate the level of police and military abuse that is normal in many countries.

Don't take me wrong, I am not defending the police actions.  But I am saying, lets stop focusing on the minutia, and start focusing on the grand scheme of what is happening.

But I got to love the internet, this spray attack has unleashed tons of pictures to make fun of the cop.
Click here, here, and here for some examples.  Funny stuff.

What I do love about the internet, is it brings large numbers of people attention, and using peer pressure can affect other people's behavior.  I hope this cop gets tons of attention and mocking with these images.   Socialization can bring about change in the minutia, lets not lose focus of the huge corruption that is occurring on a grand scale.   For it is lead by example that should be the focus, no laws for the top will result in chaos at the bottom.

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