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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steve Jobs and Life

I don't believe I even mentioned on this blog the passing of Steve Jobs.
As an IT guy, but not an Apple-ite, Jobs has been a presence in my life, indirectly affecting my daily work.
He is a rare item, a true leader in every sense of the world.

A true leader does NOT mean perfect, nice, or even civil.  It means as a man he can lead others to move heaven and earth, shaping the future out of nothingness.

I read a post on Slope of Hope about Steve Jobs.  It read to me as an honest assessment of Jobs and the impact on all of us.  I am one of those who does not like to mix god-talk with topics.  So ignoring the god references, and the statement Jobs was the best business man ever, the rant reads true.

An entertaining read from Slope of hope,

Steven Paul Jobs and the Meaning of Life

Update: Thanks to bob to a nifty site recanting the experiences of working at Apple as an engineer in the early days, web site called Folklore.org

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